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zp471 Lyudmila

My friends say that I have warm, kind eyes and a very charming smile. They also tell me that my inside world are just as beautiful as my appearance. Well, I a shy person to say this! I consider myself as a quite a cheerful woman, sensitive and real. I would like to open my soul to my beloved man, open my small secrets and dreams and share the happy and sad moments of life with future husband! I think I`m a generous and gentle woman with a great portion of humour and self-irony, but I`m also serious and reflected in situations where such qualities are demanded. Once in a while I can be a bit impulsive and do unexpected things as well, but I believe that spontaneity only adds colours to the monotonous round of everyday life. I`m easy to get along with and I`m fond of sports and outdoor activities. I am family-oriented woman and my family nest means a lot to me!The happiness of my family is the most important in my life.

I'm an outgoing and sincere person, with a sense of humour who likes people and I am a little romantic. I am quiet successful in life and have a great working career. I live in East of Ukraine where the summers are short and mild autumns and cold winters. But I have warm heart. I like animals and I would like to have them when I have opportunity and more time. I'm a big sports fan following all kinds of fitness. I like my work and it keeps me busy, but I always make time for my family, kids and friends. I enjoy a rural and quiet lifestyle and at the same time I like also cities. I don't smoke or drink, but that does not prevent me from having a good time like going out with friends for a good dinner or for picnic. I do have respect for people and treat them well.

Paese di residenza






Data di Nascita

29 Marzo 1964

Età (anni)

57 anni

Segno Zodiacale


Stato Civile




Peso (kg)

59 kg.

Altezza (cm)

170 cm.







Età figli (data di nascita e sesso)

  Figlio nato nel 1982 e figlia nel 1986

Figli conviventi


Vuoi avere figli

Non lo so

Titolo di Studio






Carattere/Come sono

buona, fedele, simpatica, dolce, premurosa, femminile, leale, socievole, responsabile, seria, onesta, con senso di umorismo

Hobby/Tempo libero

viaggiare, musica, bicicletta, cinema, comunicazione, natura, mare, lettura, casa

Preferenza primo incontro

Vengo in Italia

Preferenze Partner/Cosa cerco

dolce, intelligente, onesto, premuroso, attento, sicuro, affidabile, generoso, indipendente

Età massima (indicativa)