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zp485 Olga

As close people say I am active, creative and cheerful lady who loves this life in all of its manifestations and I am fully agree with it. Also I am very self-assured and purposeful woman. I have a very big and tender heart and a passionate soul. I am a kind person who likes to help other people) I also have a good sense of humor. I want to share my optimism and faithfulness with the only one man and create warm relationship with a beloved. I am a woman who knows what it is like to love a person and I am ready to prove this to you:) I am caring, tender and passionate. I am loving and supportive and will not only be the best lover and adviser to my future beloved one - I will become his best friend and he can be sure that I will be there for him no matter what! Most of my time I spend on work, which I really like! I work as the hairdresser, well, my avocation is to give people a new appearance and bring them happiness) Besides, occupation of the hairdresser includes communication with people, while working time, so I also work as psychologist in some extent) Unfortunately my work doesn't leave me that much free time, but when I get it I like to spend it on the nature. In general I prefer a variety in everything. I am fond of active rest on the nature and I adore traveling. Sometimes I like to stay at home, relax and watch movies. I am going for sport, as for me it is very important part in my life. I also like being by the seaside and enjoying the fresh air and the sound of waves. I like meeting my friends and going somewhere with them – either to the park or to the cinema or just to stay at home – the place is not important when people whom you care about are with you, don't you think so?

Paese di residenza






Data di Nascita

26 Maggio 1976

Età (anni)

44 anni

Segno Zodiacale


Stato Civile




Peso (kg)

70 kg,

Altezza (cm)

178 cm.







Vuoi avere figli


Titolo di Studio

Diploma Collegio





Carattere/Come sono

buona, fedele, simpatica, dolce, premurosa, femminile, leale, socievole, responsabile, seria, onesta, con senso di umorismo, gentile

Hobby/Tempo libero

viaggiare, musica, bicicletta, cinema, comunicazione, natura, mare, lettura, casa

Preferenza primo incontro

Vengo in Italia

Preferenze Partner/Cosa cerco

dolce, intelligente, onesto, premuroso, sicuro, affidabile, generoso, indipendente

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